“Now that my treatment is over, I feel more like myself than I ever have in my entire life. Dr. Jerud gave me back my freedom."

"After working with Dr. Jerud, my quality of life has been dramatically improved. I had been struggling with PTSD for years with no hope of improvement, but now I can finally say that I am PTSD-free because of her. Before she came into my life, my past traumas had all but stalled my forward motion in every aspect of my life; I was afraid of everything and everyone. My crippling anxiety prevented me from forming lasting relationships and, at times, from even leaving the house. When Dr. Jerud first explained her treatment process and assured me that my symptoms would be under control by the end of our work together, I truly did not think it was possible. Living a life in which I was not plagued by constant memories of my past seemed like an unachievable fantasy. In full honesty, the treatment was really hard, and there were times when I didn’t think that I could get through it. Dr. Jerud was my saving grace in these times of doubt. On the days where my faith in the process wavered and I wanted to give up, Dr. Jerud encouraged me to keep pushing, reminded me of the progress I had already made, and helped me focus on how wonderful my future could be without PTSD. She was flexible, kind, and an incredible motivator. Over time, I started to notice that the symptoms that had held me back for so long were beginning to disappear. Now that my treatment is over, I feel more like myself than I ever have in my entire life. I no longer live in constant fear. Instead, I recognize that I have the strength within myself to get through anything. Trusting Dr. Jerud was one of the greatest decisions of my life. Dr. Jerud gave me back my freedom, and for that I will be forever grateful."

“The strategies Dr. Jerud taught me will stay with me forever, and I'm so grateful to have been her patient.” 

“After noticing my OCD symptoms increasing in a very stressful college environment, I decided to seek out help my senior year. I had never been in therapy before, and as a driven college male with limited free time, I wasn't interested in just sitting around and having deep and emotional conversations. Exposure therapy, the therapy for OCD, was the perfect solution. It's short-term, task oriented, and the successes are crystal clear. It's also terrifying and maybe one of the most difficult things you'll ever do, and it's for this reason why I could not suggest Dr. Jerud more highly. She is the perfect companion to face your fears with -- her brilliance, honesty, warmth, kindness, and humor make every compulsion worth fighting. Dr. Jerud has a knack for balancing seriousness and levity when discussing the weighty topics that often underpin obsessions and compulsions, and I found myself surprised to be laughing almost every session. Seeing Dr. Jerud was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and was likely the most impactful part of my college experience. The strategies Dr. Jerud taught me will stay with me forever, and I'm so grateful to have been her patient.” 

“dr. jerud has helped change my life and i could not recommend her enough to anyone else struggling!”

“OCD was something that defined me for the formative years of my life. I could not have imagined living my life without the rules my OCD had drawn up for me. OCD was my safety blanket. Dr. Jerud changed the way I see my OCD. I stopped being terrified of sharing my deepest darkest obsessions because I knew I had someone in my corner. She was someone I could rely on for compassion, but also never let me use my anxiety as an excuse not to put the work in. She held me accountable when I wanted to revert to the OCD safety blanket. Dr. Jerud gave me the tools to live a happier and healthier life. While I still have my anxious days, I know that my OCD no longer defines me and I attribute that to the unique techniques that Dr. Jerud implements. In summary, Dr. Jerud has helped changed my life and I could not recommend her enough to anyone else struggling!”

“Seeing Dr. Jerud has paid dividends to my mental and emotional health.”

“Dr. Jerud is patient, attentive, and understanding. The work we did together was hard, but I never felt isolated or alone throughout the process. Seeing Dr. Jerud to work through anxiety and panic as a result of PTSD has paid dividends to my mental and emotional health. I felt I could be open and honest about my course of treatment, discuss what was and was not working, and receive genuine and helpful feedback on the progress I had made. Dr. Jerud helped me to reach each one of the goals I had set out for myself at the beginning of treatment, and also helped me find a new confidence and strength I did not think I could ever recover.” 


“I was a patient of Dr. Alissa Jerud for anxiety and depression. Dr. Jerud worked with me to make a list of attainable goals that we both thought would improve my quality of life and executed them through a series of escalating exposure therapy activities. Through her encouragement, guidance, and empathy, I was able to conquer a great deal of things about which I was once devastatingly anxious such as being afraid to be seen in bathing suits, going to the gym and being perceived as an interloper because I was unfit, anxiety about dating, and worry about how I was seen at work. I recently moved by myself across the country, and regularly go to the beach, box at a gym (even if I spend half the workout laying on the floor), date, and have made great strides in my confidence at my job. These are things I can't even imagine I would have done two years ago without shaking like a leaf. I still get anxious, but I have the tools to cope with that anxiety, and don't let it rule my life. Having sessions with Dr. Jerud was life-changing for me, and I would highly recommend her services."

“Once i started working with dr. jerud, i felt so much better.”

“When my OCD spun out of control after I gave birth to my son, I was so frightened that I would never return to my normal self. Once I started working with Dr. Jerud, I felt so much better. After just the first session, I left her office filled with hope and confidence that I could overcome all of these fears and anxieties that seemed to never go away. Because Dr. Jerud is a mother as well, I felt that she could understand the pain of what I was going through, since so many of my anxieties were around my baby and being a mother. I found her approach to our sessions to be really empathetic, but also challenging enough to really get at the root of the problem. She always helped me come up with exposure ideas that would really test my ability to tolerate these anxieties, which therefore, gradually lessened and eliminated them. If I felt overwhelmed by one exposure, Dr. Jerud would help me to think of a more manageable version, and then I could work up to bigger challenges as I felt more confident. I really am so grateful to have met and worked with Dr. Jerud, because now when I am faced with the same situations that provoked extreme anxiety only 6 months ago, I feel completely capable of taking them on and handling any anxiety I might experience.”


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